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As cyber-attacks continue to plague companies of all sizes, it’s become increasingly important to hire the right cyber security talent to keep your infrastructure sound and business running as usual. What’s more, stricter IT regulations may mean that if your business doesn’t have a solid cyber security strategy, you could incur fines or penalties—making cyber security an especially critical piece of your business.

Unfortunately, because cyber security professionals are in such high demand, it can make it tricky to find the right person to fill a specific position. That’s where a cyber security recruitment agency comes in. At Aydahwa Enterprise, we can help you find the right cyber security professional for the job, whether it’s for a short-term consulting project, a contract to hire, or a full-time position.

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We Know IT Recruiting

When it comes to cyber security recruitment, you want a firm that knows IT. At Aydahwa, we have more than 20+ years of combined experience working in and recruiting IT talent. The positions you need to fill may be in limited supply, but our localized connections and robust experience in the field make us the best cyber security headhunters in the business—and we’re up to the task.

Why Aydahwa Enterprise?

Why Choose Aydahwa Enterprise For Cyber Security Recruiting?  When it comes to finding the right person with the right technical skills for your project, Aydahwa Enterprise understands that a pile of countless resumes doesn’t make the search easier. Instead, we do the heavy lifting for you.


We know IT. We know local market. Let us bring our deep knowledge of both your industry and city to your business.


We use proprietary tools and techniques to find the person with the right technical skills and problem-solving skills. You’ll get talent with both the hard and soft skills to be the perfect fit for your organization.


Cyber security professionals will have access to sensitive data. Let us vet your candidates for you so you only get qualified candidates.

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Delivering Top Cyber Security Professionals To Your Company

It’s crucial that you hire cyber security professionals with the right experience, background, and skill-sets to ensure your company has a sound infrastructure. After all, cyber security employees are those who will have access to some of your company’s most confidential information—don’t you want them to be vetted before you sit down with them?

Let us take some of the guesswork out of hiring for such sensitive positions. At Aydahwa, we do the heavy lifting of cyber security staffing for you. The result? You only see the most qualified, experienced candidates for the job—the very important job of securing your network and keeping your business up and running.

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