Testimonial – Digital Marketing Firm

The Problem

A small Digital Marketing company who needed high value and high performance from new employees. They did not have much room for error. Someone with high base salary with good skills in some specific area of their business, was not what they needed at this point in the company growth.  They needed someone who could where many technical hats and be able to quickly figure out what they did not know.

What They Had Done

The company spent quite a bit of time recruiting, but was unable to find a match. The less experienced individuals they interviewed could not convince the company they had the capability to wear multiple hats and figure out problems as their client’s needs changed. The more experienced individuals knew certain things well, but wanted hefty salaries. They were also less willing to take on task outside their specialty.

Aydahwa Enterprise Solution

Aydahwa Enterprise found a candidate whose resume looked good, but did not show her true potential. He had the right skills and had done some good work, but her experience was light. Aydahwa had her take our problem-solving assessment. He scored in the top 2% of all candidates – a rare find.

Aydahwa contacted the Digital Marketing company and told them we have the equivalent of drafting better person around, except we know it is going to work. The company was just hoping.


The client brought him in and hired him immediately. He has proven to be an intelligent, quick learner and problem solver. He has handled everything he has been asked to do. He is doing it at a fraction of the cost of a seasoned individual who could do half the work.

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